Sunday, May 17, 2015

Summer inspiration

The First.

Ladies, this summer is all about coolness. Camouflage, military jackets, boyfriend jeans, big coats, jumpsuits,  cool leather jackets, oversize mirror sunglasses... Feel free to prepare for a comfortable summer, because the trends of 2015 allow you to.
There will be no more squeezing into tiny dresses, bothering with your micro-sized clutch (everything has pockets on its own anyways) and feeling queasy.
Even though we might have a look in our boyfriends closet, we should still keep it lady like.
Just combine lace, floral patterns and golden jewelry with it, to preserve your feminine look!

What I've been loving recently:
Cute floral pattern Bikini . Abercrombie & Fitch  (60€)

Jaquard  cotton dress . Zara (50€)

Zara dress combined with Biker leather jacket.  Zara  (60€)

Military Shirt and lace vest. Primark ( each 20€)

Military shirt with glittery details . Primark (25€)

Peace and Love


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